Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inferencing in First Grade

The past couple weeks we have been learning about making inferences.  I introduced the concept and we talked all about what it meant.  Then we practiced by playing an inferencing game.  I gave some clues and the kids had to try and figure out what it could possibly mean... like "you are sitting at your desk doing work and suddenly you hear a loud ear-piercing noise.  We all get up and leave."  The kiddos guessed all kinda of things like the bell to go home to a fire drill.  The next one was kind of funny, "your dad stomps in the living room, frowns at you and turns off the TV".  The kids came up with all kinds of answers for that one.  The book this came from was The Cafe.

After going through the main lesson, I went to the famous books about David to help us inference.  We used No David by David Shannon.  This was a neat lesson and the kids did very well.  I began by reading the book itself and discussing page by page what the kids thought.  Then we went and charted it all on chart paper.  I think they now know what it means to inference and hopefully they can do it independently when they are reading books.

Please excuse my horrendous drawing.  I tried my best... as I ask of the students all the time. 

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