Friday, June 28, 2013

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

My track out has almost come to an end.  It was such a great track out.  There wasn't anything eventful that happened to make it great, unless you LOVE these guys.

That's right, I saw NKOTB over my track out {and thank GOD I was tracked out because the show was on a week night}.  They were AMAZING!!!

So that happened and my family also came to visit.  I was a busy bee because my grandmother taught me how to sew.  I now have a sewing machine and I have made new curtains for my classroom and I am also in the middle of chair pockets/covers for the new Kindergarten class I will have this year.  The chair covers are no easy task let me tell you.  I bought fabric, I cut the fabric after measuring but it still would not turn out right.  After a lot of thinking, I grabbed a pillow case from my closet upstairs, turned it inside out, an sewed up both sides.  VOILA!  A seat pocket.  It'll be majorly big for the tiny chairs in the classroom but I am ok with that... for now.

I'm also on a mission to make little sit-upon pillows for my milk crates I am making into stools.  I think those will look super cute around my reading table or to go in the listening center.  My time has been consumed with these things, spending time with my boy, and not working on my National Boards.

I was going to attempt the NBCT this year but it has come to a halt for now.  My husband and I are willing to invest the $2500 for me to do this but I have taken a stand for myself and said NO.  I am not doing it because there may be a cut in the extra money you get in your pay check.  It's always on the chopping block.  Our state of NC is already talking about not paying teachers for being a Masters level after 2014.  To me, that means, they will also cut NBCT pay.  I just cannot justify in my head why I would put all that money upfront and effort into such a thing, and not get anything in return... except being a better teacher they claim is makes you after you do it.

I think what I am going to do is enjoy a year of not being a team lead and not pick up anything new and just throw myself into this Kindergarten curriculum that is new to me all over again.  I may kick myself down the line for not doing it, but I can always come back and try it another time.  My goal was to wait for both of my boys to be in elementary school and not be paying for preschool anymore before I do National Boards.  It's just a LOT of money and I already have my graduate degree.

Decisions, decisions!

Anyways, I am ready for Kindergarten and our first day back for the 2013-14 school year is Monday the 1st!