Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lesson Plans

I have been at this for close to eleven years and each year I spend crazy amounts of time trying to discover different formats and way to do lesson plans.  I have tried to do strictly computerized formats and I just do not have the time to sit at the computer to do all of it.  I like to have the control of changing things when I need it.  As we all know, sometimes teachable moments show up and you have to go with it even if it is not on the lesson plan.  I have to say that last year I found a format and I am STICKING TO IT!  I really like it.  It's partly typed and partly hand written.  We constantly have schedule changes in year round school, so this format is great to use for handing in to the office as well as using for a substitute.  It lays out all of the parts of the day with details and then I can hand write specific lessons for the day and change it if I need to.  I love it!

The beginning of the year I do a lot of hand writing review, phonics, and spelling while I build stamina for Daily 5.  So I use this lesson plan format for the first quarter only...

First Quarter Lesson Plan

Then after we build stamina and we have covered beginning of the year "business", we jump right into writing workshop and full rounds of Daily 5.  So this next lesson plan is for the remainder of the school year.

Second through Fourth Quarter Lesson Plan

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