Monday, January 16, 2012

My FAVORITE Project... Flat Stanley

Each year I read the original version of the chapter book, "Flat Stanley".  It ties so well into our Social Studies units and 21st Century Learning.  The kids can send away their flat person to learn about the place it goes off to.  I have them compare and contrast the community their flat person goes to with the community we live in here.  This project also takes on a digital form.  I have had recipients take videos and e-mail them back to the students.  It really is a lot of fun.  You can find the letter I start it all with, here.

We made a display in the hallway this year to share where out flat people have been.

We had kiddos go to Arizona, Israel, New Jersey, California, and Ohio to just name a few. 

This flat person had an outfit made for every occasion, season, etc.  You name it, she had an outfit for it.  SO CUTE!!! 

NASA trip


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