Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Little Things

Just had to share something I do with the kids that they REALLY like.  It's simple but to them it's exciting for some reason... writing on their desk!!!  We have math white boards that came with our math program.  We use them a lot but sometimes it's a pain in the neck to pass them out.  I just want to make my point with what I am teaching and have them practice.  So we quickly pass out dry erase markers and practice on our desks.  They love it and it comes off easily too.  We can usually wipe right off with a tissue but if it doesn't come off you can just use a magic eraser.  Easy!!!! 

Funny story- last year I had a mom come to me at conference time and say that when she asks her daughter what she does in class, her daughter said, "we color on our desks!"  I assured her we do not "color", we work out math problems!