Friday, January 27, 2012

100th Day of School

This past Tuesday was our 100th Day of School.  I actually had to miss it all because my youngest was home sick.  I always feel torn when it comes to my babies at home and my kids at school.  I have a responsibility to both but I know my responsibility to my babies at home is far more greater.  I do the best I can when I plan for what to teach and I know my teacher assistant partner is the best there is so the kids are always in good hands.

So for the 100th Day, I had planned the day out and it all went on without me.  When the kiddos first came in they were going to make some crazy 100th day headbands... they turned out to look pretty cool.  Our IT person at school was teasing me that the FBI was going to show up because I was printing out counterfeit hundred dollar bills.  :)  They pasted a hundred on their headband, then added ten crazy strips and added ten things to each strip whether it be stickers or drawings.

The next activity they worked on in class was a bucket list of what they want to do before 100 years old.  Now these are the cutest things I have seen in a LONG time if I do say so myself.  This idea came from Pinterest.  It was a bit hard for some of them to come up with ten things though.  We'll have to think of how to revamp this for next year.   But here they are... and I think I look pretty dang good for 100 year old.  ;)

There were a couple at home projects for them to work on also since there is not a whole lot of time IN school (at least for first grade) to hold centers revolving around the 100th Day like I used to do in preschool or Kindergarten.  So at home I had them make a collection of 100 items to bring in to share.  We also decided to make our 100th Day part of a service project.  Each student from my class brought in cans of food (other classrooms on my grade level did this as well so we could reach 100 cans) and we are going to donate to our local food pantry. 

This child used CHOCOLATE covered raisins for his collection.  I sure hope he asked his momma for permission!  That's chocolate abuse in  my book.  :)

My class brought in approximately 45 cans... they are so thoughtful.

I also have a song I do each year that is sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells" but I did not get to share it this year.  But I wanted to show you all out there.

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