Sunday, January 26, 2014

National Boards

Along with a weight loss journey, I am also on the journey to getting my National Board Certification.  It's a long and daunting process.  Once I begin writing, I get caught up in my thoughts and end up starting over.  I finally finished one of the entries and received some great feedback.  Now I am onto the other three entries.

A big help has been the cohort I am part of.  At first I was resistant to the fact that my cohort coach was at a school that was an hour from where I live.  It's a waste of time to drive an hour, meet for two hours, and drive home another hour.  It was pointless and I'm all about being efficient and meaningful.  After I got over the initial huffing and puffing, I ended up taking a lot from it.  We have an Edmodo group going so we can keep in touch with the cohort group and I'm finding a lot of great resources from my coach.

It is certainly something that is making me more reflective on my teaching and the WHY to the things I do.  A main theme through all of my entries has been... WHY did you do this?  HOW to you know it worked?  SO WHAT?  So what you did x, y, and z... but why did you do it?

Clear and concise is the name of this game!