Tuesday, August 7, 2012

There are NO Words

There are no words to describe how I feel about my school's new bell schedule, the new common core, and the word rigor!  The beginning of this school year has kicked my butt to the moon and back.  Everyday it's a head ache.  I feel like I am going non stop... probably because I am.

Open House is coming up next week and we need to do curriculum talk with the parents.  I am awful at standing in front of adults and speaking.  THAT'S why I teach little ones.  Duh!!  I'm sure it will be fine and the slide show is just about done.  So maybe with the parents looking at a slide show, they won't be looking at me.

On the curriculum side of things we have jumped right in with Writing Workshop {I follow Lucy Caulkins}, Daily 5, and Living Organisms.  This week  in science we are going on a habitat web quest.  We have found animals that need to be returned home.  So we are finding out about several animals and then deciding where their homes are.

Next week we will be building a habitat out of shoe boxes for animals.  I got the idea to use beanie babies for this not-so-small project.  I put out an e-mail to the staff at my school and asked if anyone has beanie babies we could borrow.  We got a huge response and we even had Mr. Principal come by with a stash of mini beanies.  He had one for each child and they were told they could keep them.  How cool is that?!

Pictures of their habitats will be posted next week!