Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Theme Part 2

Winter is one of my favorite seasons to teach in.  There are so many things to do in winter and you can easily mix it in with reading, writing, and math.  There is not a lot of time to do crafty/fun stuff all the time in first grade so I try to make activities the kids can do each week plus I have what is called Fun Friday.  If they get all of their tasks complete for the week then on Friday I cut my literacy block down to half the time and the rest we spend making crafty things.  This past week we made these snowy pictures.  The kiddos made a math story problem about snowflakes falling and once they solved it they had to make that many fingerprint snowflakes falling on their snowman.  LOVE these... and yet again it was an idea from Pinterest!  It was kind of funny though, we made the snowmen on Friday and hung them up right away.  Then I was hanging with the family on Saturday, on the way to the mall, and I was thinking about these snowmen.  Guess what?  I realized we forgot to put ARMS on the poor snowmen.  What snowman does not have stick arms?!  Not ours... so this morning  when I got to school, I ran into the hallway and drew on all the arms. 

Another thing we worked on the past couple weeks has been descriptive words.  I have a poem about mittens I share with the class each year and we then make winter descriptive words with them.  I asked them what words would describe winter and the kids really do come up with good words... like cozy, chilly, crunchy, and frigid (WOW!). 

I took advantage of our mitten and descriptive word theme we had going on and rolled it into a writing and math activity.  The kids had to pretend they lost their mittens and describe them using math words (color words, patterns, position words).  These also turned out super cute!

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