Saturday, February 4, 2012

Groundhogs and Shadows

The night before Groundhog Day I had my students vote in class whether or not they thought the Groundhog would see his shadow.  They all voted that yes, he would see his shadow... and they were correct, on some accounts.  Punxatawny Phil and Sir Walter Wally (our Raleigh, NC groundhog) both saw their shadows. So six more weeks of winter it will be.  I tried to get a LIVE stream in the classroom of one of the events going on but no luck.  The Punxatawny Phil web site was not working and the Raleigh event was not on until later in the day.  But I tried...

Kiddos did not seem to mind because we were going to go find our own shadows.  They made stick groundhog shadow puppets and made some predictions as to why only sometimes a groundhog sees his shadow.  We used the scientific method to discuss and discover shadows.  They were WAY into this.  Their groundhogs went out to recess with them and they played shadow tag.

To be even more into Groundhog Day we made a craft.  We learned a new poem, illustrated a couple pictures, and made a groundhog... that kinda looked like a beaver/bear.  :)

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