Saturday, January 14, 2012


This is just a test... I am still trying to figure out how to publish a google doc in my blog postings.  So I thought I would start with incorporating technology into my classroom.  A few months ago we made a power point presentation to sound like a book we had read in class.  This took place of our newsletter that week and we e-mailed it to all of the parents. 

"Our Week" by Mrs. Smith's Smarties

We have Smart Boards in our school as well.  There are two per grade level for right now, so we all have to share.  When I do not have the Smartboard in my classroom I still try to hook up a laptop to the projector.  This way the class can still do whole group activities with technology.  It's great!!  The other day we played a math game and each student came up to take a turn on the laptop to interact rather than touching and manipulating a Smart Board. 

Another project we worked on was a scavenger hunt.  In this unit for science we were studying Living Organisms.  We used our scavenger hunt checklist as seen below and took a walk around the school grounds to find these items.  Once we did that we went back with several digital cameras so the kids could take pictures of each thing.  After we had the pictures uploaded to a computer we made a slideshow out of their pictures.  Neat huh?  I love using technology in the classroom. 

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