Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recent News

In recent news, it was brought to our attention in NC that the Governor gave a hefty pay raise to some of his "peeps" and took heat over not giving a raise to his teachers in the state.  His response to that was "he tried" and "there was money needed to pay for the hole Medicaid was in."

As usual, NC teachers get put on the back burner.  What really bothers me is the perception and lack of respect that people have on teachers in this state.  We keep going and pushing through the nonsense and doing what we need to do for these children.  We have a responsibility to the kids and their families.  They are expecting a good education and not just being taught the minimum.  I have said it before and I will say it again, there is not ONE teacher in my school that does not try their hardest.  I can't say that for all schools in this state I am sure, so maybe that is where the views on teachers comes from when people comment on forums and news articles.

Some people are really harsh with the way they view us.  It's been an eye opener and I am thankful I am in the school I am in.  We have wonderful families and they value the teachers in our school.  That is what makes my job a little easier to swallow when the Governor and other state officials want to take things away from us.  No raises in years, taking away pay from Master level teachers, getting rid of career status... it's a real poo fest on teachers.

BUT, we have to still perform to their new evaluations and standards.  We still have to carry on like nothing is wrong.  Year after year there are new programs and assessment thrown at us like the rest of the country, and we are still expected to be paid the same?  They talk out of the side of their mouths.  They say they want the best for the students in NC but they certainly are not showing it.  A principal in another county had a letter go viral to the Governor.  She hit the nail on the head and called him out on some things.  I was very grateful to hear someone stick up for us.

I'm not sure where this is going but what sparked my blog was me, sitting here, watching a training online for NC Teacher Mentors.  We have to do 10 hours of training before Sept. 16.  I came across part of the video where we talk about new teachers and the evaluations they must go through.  Actually, every teacher has observations, evaluations, and we have PDP's {Professional Development Plans} that we must come up with every year.  So, they are taking away career status in a state that is already "right to work" and no union.  They can get rid of the "bad" teachers if they really wanted to.  So why punish the rest of us.  There are things in place to make sure we are on target and doing the best teaching for our students.

It's a sad state of affairs folks.  People think we have all the time off in the world {well, I am currently tracked out, HA!} and so why should we complain.  Really, we work even when we are not physically at school.  When we are at school we are teaching... not planning lessons for next week or grading papers.  We have to use our "off time" for that.  When else do they think it gets done?!  I am constantly thinking about my students and what else I can do for them.  It's what a good teacher does.  Duh!  Now I just want credit for being a good teacher.

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