Thursday, May 30, 2013


Procrastination at it's finest!  Report cards are finally done but there is packing to be done.  Is it happening?  Nope... I'm planning for next school year and making last day of school to-do lists for this year still.

Tomorrow is our last day of school and we have a few fun things planned.  We have t-shirts we made, games to be played, special treats to eat, and of course good-byes to be said.  I might just shed a tear over these little ones.

A couple weeks ago we made class tie-dye t-shirts.  They turned out SUPER cute.  I tried to stick with school colors.  Parents came in to help us twist up the shirts and dip into the colors.  A parent volunteered to wash them out and another parent volunteered to iron on our crayola sand paper designs.  I tell you what, THAT was the best decision EVER!  I remember the first year I tie-dyed... myself and my 82 year old grandmother were in my backyard IN the kiddie pool, washing the coloring out of the shirts.  HAHA!!  I have learned so much from trial and error.

Then I planned some games for our last day of school.  Each kiddo made a goodie bag to give away and we will play a "musical chairs" type of game.  They will pass around the goodie bags they made and after a few rounds and the music stops, the bag you get, is the one you can take home.  I made sure they put their names on the bottom so they do not get their own bag.  If you want the send home letter click {here}.  It's an idea a co-worker passed along and our grade level changed it to meet our needs.  The original idea had sweets, etc in it and we decided against it because we had so many food allergies and you just never know.  Better safe than sorry I always say.

Since the classroom is pretty much packed up because of moving grade levels and it IS the last day of school and all, my Daily 5 rounds are OVER!  So to take place of the Daily 5 rounds, we are playing games.  I planned four different games and four to five students will be in teams.  It is almost like my 100th Day of School Survivor Style.    Each team will have a task to complete within a certain amount of time.  What is the  amount of time you ask?  I have not planned that far yet.  I think I'll just wing-it tomorrow.  But I do have the games prepared and ready.  We have Go Fishing, Bean There Done That, Scrambled Breakfast, and There They Blow.  Again, I put this together on the fly after seeing a similar idea.  It's not as cute as others I have seen and I did change the games to meet the needs of my class.  One thing I changed was trying to limit the germs.  We will keep our straws to ourselves and NOT blow in any of the straws.  I am a HUGE germaphobe if I haven't told you yet.  One game I saw had the kids picking up a bean in a straw to get it to the other plate.  I changed that right quick to using straws as chop sticks to lift the bean and get it to the other plate.  There will be no blowing in or out of a straw in this classroom.  OK, I take that back, one of the games is blowing a cup across the floor, but they will do that and then put the straw into the garbage, PRONTO!

Since the germaphobe thing gets in the way, I am trying to figure out what to do if they want a hug tomorrow on the last day.  I have changed over the years about the hugging thing.  I am more of a high-five... with plastic gloves on kinda person now.  :)  I

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