Saturday, May 18, 2013


That's the big word this year for EOG's.  I am not even in a testing grade and I am feeling the anxiety.  Anxiety for these kids, anxiety for their teachers, anxiety for their parents, and anxiety all around.  I am not sure what it has become like in other states but here in NC, I do believe things are backwards.  VERY backwards. 

As I have heard from friends who teach in testing grades... and from the e-mails that go out to the WHOLE school, you basically cannot breathe this year or there will be a misadministration and the whole class must take the test over.  EOG's this year have been made harder and longer.  You can't even bend down and pick up a paper clip this year or it's test administration! *head desk*

The rest of the school is basically on lock down until testing is over.  Non-testers must eat lunch in our classrooms... no recess... no specials... until testing is over!  The school must be quiet, very quiet. 

I'm also very anxious for my children when they get to that age.  I have SUCH respect for the hard working people in our school having to train everyone, organize and prepare everyone for these exams, AND the teachers in these grade levels.  I'd be a MESS... MESS I tell ya! 

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