Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day but Not Blue

There is this book called "Last Day Blues" by Julie Danneburg.  In this book it is the last week of school.  The teacher, Mrs. Hartwell and her students all feel the same way about summer vacation, they are all excited but the kids see it as they will miss school and so will the teacher.  It's quite funny to see this perspective and the illustrations in the book are comical.  I read it to my class and we did some activities with it.  Once of the activities was a venn diagram to compare this book to another one of her books called. "First Day Jitters".  In this book, it is Mrs. Hartwell being nervous about the first day of school.  The kids picked up on this and they had a good laugh this morning when we did our venn.  Just by doing this one venn diagram we used ALL of our knowledge we gained from the year... setting of the two stories and even INFERENCING about what season the stories could have taken place.  I found this gem of a packet over on
2nd Grade Snickerdoodles.  

Then after we did some actual learning on the Friday that is the last day of school, we played our games.  It was hard to make teams and I wanted it to be fair, so we picked numbers one through four.  All the ones were a team, two's the same and so on.  Here are some pictures of the games I posted yesterday.  

I had to alter the bean game.  It was WAY too hard to carry a bean with two straws... I tried and tried!  LOL  SO  I added some little counters {I guess that is what they are called} and they had a hole in the middle this time.  

Also, on this last day of school I had a raffle.  I took some things we have made as a whole class {like books and anchor charts} that just pertain to this year and I came up with a number in my head to thirty.  The kids each had a guess my number and the one who guessed my number {or close enough to my number without going over}, won the item.  GREAT way to purge at the end of a school year!  They loved it.  They all wanted the stuff.  

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