Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tracked OUT

It has been TEN straight, agonizing weeks but I am finally tracked out.  Now, I know that traditional calendar schools go a lot longer in between vacations but something about year round school wears you out.  This track out though is shorter than the normal three weeks.   When we return we have four weeks until the end of the school year.  We end our school year on Friday, June 29th and we begin our new school year for 2012-2013 on Monday, July 2.  Now the kiddos have a week off but teacher must keep going on that week in between the school years.  We call this our "clopening". 

My next track out is going to be in September.  This is a little longer of a stretch because I have been told I am switching tracks for next year.  I am going from track 2 to track 1.  The schedules are a little different but I think I am going to like it.  Track 1 is a smooth nine weeks in and three weeks off. 

Here is something that gives a better idea for those of you who do not know how year round runs:  Link

That explains it a whole lot better than I ever can.  The reason for my switching tracks is because my oldest son will begin Kindergarten this year.   Our school had at least two classrooms on every track.  We are now downsizing to one class on track 2 {the one I am on now}.  So when my son makes it to first grade, he would be in my classroom basically... that can't happen.  So we will both be on track 1 and that way he will never have to be in my classroom {thank God for small favors}.  :)

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