Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet & Greet Night

It is that time of year for us year rounder schools.  The first track is about to get their class lists and on May 29th we get to meet the parents and students.  Going from one year to the next kind of blurs together, so I have made myself a bucket in my classroom for all of my crap stuff for next year.  In my bucket are posters, sign up sheets, beginning of the year info, and our first homework assignment.  YES, I said homework *wink*. 

I am going to have three different stations {tables} for the families to go around room and visit so we do not all get stuck in the same spot of the room.  WAY too hot down here in the South for that! 

At meet and greets every year I have a four page spread that I send home on my classroom routines, supply list for first grade, things to know about our school, and curriculum.  Click Here

These are the posters I made this year so parents will know exactly what to do:

Here is the file if you would like your own copy
 As a good way to get to know my new students and for them to get comfortable with each other, I am going to send home their first homework assignment to work on before the start of the new school year.  I thought a scrapbook page would be easy enough to do and they will love to share all about themselves and their families.  Here is the letter I am giving them and also I am attaching a sheet of construction paper. 

Then, there is the every year paperwork that needs to be done... How Your Child is Going Home From School and Parent/Child Sign In Sheet

I think I am ready for the new 2012-2013 school year to begin. 

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