Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kindergarten Jitters

I'm not going to lie, I'm nervous.  I could teach first grade with my eyes closed, I KNOW first grade and the Common Core.  It used to be that way with Kindergarten so long ago {ok, five years is not that long ago but it's long enough} and I knew how to teach the pants off that too.  With the way Common Core is and the way incoming Kindergarten babies are, I am just not sure I am prepared. 

I have the classroom set up, but it's really still for first grade.  Kindergarten is not ALL play anymore but there is still some learning they do require through play.  Hands on learning is only right in my eyes.  I need more stuff for them to play with.  My kids at home are not too happy with me because I am highjacking their items at home to bring to school.  I snatched a train/road carpet from my son's room to put in the block area.  The dramatic play area is less than appealing, but it'll come along as I get more stuff. 

To me, if my room is not set up or put the way I have it in my head, I can't do anything else until that is complete.  The room is sort of bare but that will come with time as well. I'll just have to get over it because the kiddos are coming TOMORROW!! 

This week is staggered entry week for the Kinder babies.  Wish us luck!

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