Saturday, January 12, 2013

Random Happenings and Thoughts

It's been a while since I have blogged about anything on here.  This year has been long  {I blame it on Common Core and new school hours}but we are almost complete for 2012-2013.  My first graders are now a little over half way to second grade.  I love to blog about what we do in class and how things are going but this year has been struggle to just sit down and write about it.  I know next year will be better after having been through the Common Core already... at least I hope so.

The one thing I feel like is going well this year is the writing.  I've fully gone back to Lucy Caulkins and I am reading through her adaptations of Writing Workshop with the Common Core component.  Get it for your grade level if you can.  It really lays out month by month which genre of writing you should do.  We have been through personal narratives, opinion & persuasive writing, how-to's, and now we are in to authors as mentors. I just finished up an author study on Laura Numeroff with my class.  Overall, the kids did a good job at writing like her.

This upcoming week we will hit our 100th day!  We are planning on celebrating "Survival Style".  There will be tribes and challenges throughout the day.  No one will be voted off the island but we will have a prize for the winning-est {is that a word?}team at the end.  This idea came from my former track mate, who is a ninja by the way, and another blogger out there who so kindly put her unit up on Teachers Pay Teachers.  We are going full on vines hanging from the doorway & in the classrooms, jungle animals, and even creating group/tribe flags.  Can't WAIT!!!

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