Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daily 5... New and Improved

This school year I needed a new Daily 5 theme.  I found new poster sets and switched some things around in my classroom to make it more cozy.  Here are the changes:

Found a hippie theme on TpT's and fell in love with it.  It came with i-charts, cafe board headers, and Daily 5 headers as well. 

In the spirit of the 70's my door has been done in a Brady Bunch style thanks to Susan  :)  I will use my door to display work from the kids each week.  I cannot always hang up everything they do, so each week I can highlight certain things.

A sample of squiggle stories they did.  Squiggle stories are one of their choices for Work on Writing.

I have added Work on Writing and Work on Words in the same location.  You can also see their magazine file boxes.  These hold their writing workshop folders.  Even though we have work on writing in Daily 5, I still hold a formal writing workshop each day.

Also for work on writing, they have a choice of stencil stories too.  There are about 15 different die cuts and each one has a word bank. 

Work on words at the beginning of the year... they love play doh!  I also have stamps and stamp pads, markers, index cards (for making word puzzles), magnetic letters, and bottle caps.

My Caleb sitting in the reading area while I was taking pictures one morning. 

I am doing my morning messages different this year also.  Each week I have just one message.  We use the same one all week but focus on different things each day.  Mondays are usually finding missing punctuation and capital letters.  Tuesdays are finding high frequency words of the week.  Wednesdays are finding our phonics focus of the week.  Thursdays are just rereading and Fridays are locating the opening, body, and closing of the letter. 

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